Valentine’s Gift Guide: For Her

Girls can be super tricky to buy gifts for especially on Valentine’s Day. Every girl is different, but it is expected that on Valentine’s Day you give or do something with a bit of emotion attached to it, expressing how you feel. Why, you ask? Because girls are given expectations of Valentine’s Day from advertisements and movies and Valentine’s Day is seen as more special than your anniversary because hey! That guy is professing his love for his girl, why aren’t you doing the same. Yes, I know, I’m sorry boys, but this is just the way life works and women will always be the boss of you. 

So what do you give your girl to make it the most special Valentine’s Day ever (and to ensure you get laid)? Easy! Just follow my gift guide because after all, I am a girl so what could go wrong?

The key to buying a great gift for her is to listen to what she says. Pay attention to her interests and what she likes and whether she wears certain things, like jewelry, for example. There’s no point getting her a pair of heels when she’s more into athletics. While yes, I am a girl, I don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day (so please excuse my sarcasm), but I do have some kick ass ideas of what other girls may like.While my ideas may be awesome, you need to know your girl to get a present that suits her.

Ice Her Up

Jewelry is a great present to buy for Valentine’s Day. It’s easy, cliche and most likely will work, but make sure it’s something nice and well thought of. If she’s a piercing fanatic, buy her a sexy belly bar or buy her an actual piercing. Frost her in diamonds or buy a simple silver ring; a nice watch will work if she’s the planner type. Whatever you like, just make sure it’s something that she’ll wear; birthstones work a treat (unless you’re garnet). Of course, you could always go to Tiffany’s and get her a little blue box because that’s part of every girl’s dream.


Make Her Feel Sexy

Buying lingerie is a huge risk so make sure you know your girl well. She may feel like you’re objectifying her by buying her sexy lingerie or she may love it and cook you dinner in it. If your girl isn’t into sexy, naughty undies then cute little love heart ones may do the trick. Whatever happens, just make sure you know her sizes; too big or too small and we’ll feel fat and awful and you’ll be dead and alone. For sexy underwear, just visit Bras n Things; the link will take you right to the Valentine’s Day guide. My tip is to stay with tradition and keep it red, white or pink. I love this white Playboy set. If you know she’s into it, buy some sex games to play later in the evening.


Sweetest Dreams

Buying her some super cute pyjamas will benefit both of you. Girls love pyjamas (trust me, I have heaps), so some cute Valentine’s Day themed ones will be appreciated. Try Cotton On Body and get her something cute to wear to bed after the sex you get for the great presents.


The Classics

Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, perfume; they’re all classic Valentine’s Day gifts and they’re all quadruple the price when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Why not put a personal touch on things and save some money. Hand pick flowers from your mum’s garden, bake her some chocolate cake or make her some chocolate covered strawberries, give her one of your childhood toys because that’s how much she means to you and you want her to have it. As for the perfume, sorry dude, you gotta go pay $100 for a 30 mL bottle because if you try to make your own it will smell like shit.

The Stuff That Will Get You Laid

The gifts that will get you laid are the ones that show a lot of effort. They’re the ones that show you really care and knowing your girlfriend’s likes and dislikes are essential. Giving her an experience such as a picnic with food that you have made and champagne with a great view or dining at a restaurant she’s always wanted to go to or making her a ‘just desserts’ platter with candles and rose petals in your very own backyard. A bath with rose petals or rose petals on the bed; seriously, just get some damn rose petals and do something with them. Make her an at home spa, complete with sexy masseuse (that’s you) so that when she comes home from work you can give her a massage and a face mask and make her feel amazing. Handmade gifts are also a winner and if you’re not going out, make sure to have stacked up on some romantic comedies (or whatever her movie preference is) and plan a lovely night in for the two of you. Buying her the puppy she’s always wanted and then training it for her will get your laid for life.

I hope you are wise enough to follow my ideas and let me tell you, girls expect and combination of these for Valentine’s Day. Please note to stay away from cleaning products or things that suggests she is fat. For example, even if she has said she would like to join a gym, don’t buy her a gym membership for Valentine’s Day unless you have also bought one for yourself with matching workout gear.

As I said before, if these don’t seem like something your girl would be into, then don’t listen to me. If she’s outdoorsy, take her on a hike to the top of a mountain with a picnic or buy her the box set of The Big Bang Theory. Just know her and what she likes and spend time with her and show her you care. Also, if you haven’t exchanged the L word yet, Valentine’s Day is the biggest cliche to do that on and it’s a cop out. Keep it light and fun and save it until you’re really ready to say it and make it special.

Hurry up on those presents boys, Valentine’s Day is only 5 days away.




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