Should You Fly Direct Or Have A Stopover?

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I’m going to be honest. I dislike flying immensely. The thought of being in a metal tube in the sky freaks me out and it still baffles me how planes even get off the ground – especially when they’re carrying all of my luggage!  [Read more…]

If You’ve Got 21 Questions

21 questions tag

It’s always fun to answer question posts, but it’s even more fun to see how your favourite bloggers answered those questions. Nominated by one of my favourite bloggers Carina from Look! It’s Carina!I was really excited to read through her answers and then write my own so you guys can find out a little more about me! [Read more…]

Sisterly Style

street style

The bond between sisters is unbreakable, you know, unless someone breaks girl code and steals a boyfriend. Luckily, my sister and I don’t have the same taste in men and so growing up together, we eventually became quite close, except when we were fighting over stolen clothes. [Read more…]

Saturday Pampering: Beauty Review

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Saturday’s are for relaxation, pampering and of course, fitting in a little travel dreaming and planning my next holiday destination. [Read more…]

Beau + Black Tie

how to dress for black tie

Dressing up completely glam is not something that occurs in my life very often. Black tie events don’t come to my doorstep every weekend, unfortunately. I surely wish they did, but it makes them that much more special when I get to drape around in a stunning, chiffon skirted number with a thigh high split and a plunging neckline and pretend that I am fancy for the night. [Read more…]

Hotel Review: Sheraton On The Park, Sydney

sheraton on the park, sydney, five star, hotel, sheraton

Running along the streets of Sydney carrying a garment bag and a laptop tote is never ideal, not to mention heavy – especially in heels – but at least I had my man trotting next to me with my overnight bag and his rolling suitcase. Luckily he was though, because I would never have been able to get everything up there by myself. [Read more…]

Top Things To Do In San Francisco

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San Francisco is one of my favourite destinations in the whole world. Through reading my Breathless on the Bridge piece, you may have realized that San Fran holds a special place in my heart, and when I visit America next, I will hopefully be making a stop over to spend some time in the city. [Read more…]

Treat Your Man With Some Politix Menswear

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If you want to do something nice for your man, you don’t need to clean his car in a bikini or cook him a nice dinner, you just need to get him some snazzy clothes from Politix Menswear.
[Read more…]

Beauty Review: Formula X Nail Set

formula x, formula x nail polish set, nail polish, manicure

A great manicure is essential for a girl to relax. Well, for me anyway. I always feel better when I have my nails painted nicely and when they start to chip, each piece that comes off annoys me that little bit more. [Read more…]

Australian Burlesque Festival: The Big Tease

review, big tease, australian burlesque festival

There’s nothing sexier than burlesque. The tease, the feathers, the glitter pasties shimmied around the stage. I’m in awe of the confidence that these ladies have to show off their best moves on stage, while stripping down to less than their underwear. [Read more…]